Here you can find our current remainders, quantities available included. All prices upon request. The goods are subject to prior sale.

Pocan® B3225 grey 700394 250kg bagged
Makrolon® 8025 blue 500319 568kg bagged
Zenite® 6130L white WT010 100kg bagged
VALOXTM VX3101N green GN3222 1993kg octabin
Borealis PP MB431U black 8229 2200kg bagged
Luran S® 757G black 26321 2725kg bagged
HostaformTM X326/1 black 125kg bagged
Badamid® LA70 GF15 black 00564 300kg bagged
Hostaform® C27021 yellow 56 575kg bagged
CYCOLOYTM FXC810SK grey GY5E220V 3200kg bagged

XIFA Kunststoff-Vertrieb GmbH is not the manufacturer of the products above.
The brand names are registered trade names of their respective producers.